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October 2014

When we speak of potentiality we are talking at the same time desire. And not just an unconscious, dark desire, but even a will to change certain things in a proactive approach where the status of the object and gesture are filled with new possibilities.

Text available in English, Spanish and French.


November 2013

Aline Biasutto (...) says of her work, be it video, photography, or drawing makes mediums also often communicate, "it questions the political image, its potential of resistance to representation and interpretation; it is an investigation into the limits of the visible."

Text available in English and French.


October 2013

Aline Biasutto believes that the imperceptible is the starting point. The images she produces
are always fragmentary, incomplete, unclear or frozen in a form of a misleading abstraction. ...

Text available in English, French and German.


April 2013

The Sirens Chant is a hypnotic and meditative animation. Respirations and refrains, this swell and unstable and malleable contours of this Mediterranean act as aspirations, fleeting and uncertain elk, hugs and hopes that fail, drowning in the froth, or are carried by it to achieve another absolute, other bastions of freedom, other shores of sensuality ...

Text available in English and French.


March 2013

The Sirens Chant engages a poetic process of actualization with all of its complexities. The Mediterranean---a territorial entity bounded and open through actual borders and divided into discreet national cultures- is animated into a perpetual movement of de-territorialization and re-territorialization that renders it instable.

Text available in English, French and German.

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